About Us

Dedication. Experience. Commitment.

A Firm of Conviction

All too often, at a big law firm, a client’s interests can become secondary to the firm’s own interests and bottom line. At The Law Offices of John A. Williams, PLLC, our conviction is to put the client’s best interests above our own, and to develop a lawyer-client relationship built on trust, common values, and united objectives. After over a decade of serving clients in “big firms,” I found that the only way to serve my clients consistent with my convictions about being a passionate advocate while maintaining the utmost integrity was to open my own law firm. Now, my clients can enjoy over a decade of big law firm experience without big law firm rates.

Passionate Advocacy

Some would say that a lawyer should be a completely objective advocate that does not get too wrapped up in the personal nature of his or her cases. Our firm believes that investing in the personal nature of our clients’ cases help us to be a better advocate, especially since our clients are not simply our customers – they are our lifeblood and people and companies with which we want to forge long-term relationships as we formulate united strategies and goals together.